Project solutions are discovered with a creative and technical rigour guided by a commitment to sustainable resource and design efficiency. Via a bespoke biophilic approach, Agmari develops chic and resilient site-specific designs enabling inhabitants to actively participate, preserve, and connect with the natural landscape that surrounds them. Opening our senses to nature develops our intuition and provides calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits. Through visual appeal and design consistency we learn to contact in new ways the world around us.


Agmari explores new avenues of self-sufficiency, sustainability, health and wellbeing to help ourselves and the environment. Utilising vertical farming (VF) innovation, Agmari integrates ethical regenerative systems to encourage greater food efficiency and productivity amongst ordinary living space and beyond. Due to high levels of water conservation, VF has been identified as a low carbon medium to assist production of higher-value crops in urban areas. We are able to increase self-sufficiency and create positive contributions to our economic and environmental footprint.


A meticulous approach to permaculture design and planning ensures the ecological balance between aesthetics and resource is achieved. Permaculture is the development of agricultural eco-systems intended to be self-sufficient. Exploiting VF technology carefully and acutely we can become more productive and resourceful — reaping the benefits for our environment, our eco-systems and ourselves.This medium redefines food growing efficiency and provides clean and accessible resource to communities large and small. The main ecological advantages are the conservation of water, time, space and energy.


Bridging the gap between farm and table is a powerful global trend. Agmari delivers custom design + build for sophisticated vertical growing environments. Elegant and automated design strategies offer a highly sustainable future and enhance ecological cultivating. Long-term care and consultancy provides a sense of balance for inhabitants to grow plants & crops on a daily basis – improving mental health, productivity and relaxation at home and in the workplace.